The crew of the Stella Delar must extract information on the encampment of the Garu'gi'tal before they can storm their tower stronghold. The situation looks bleak and they may have to look to they skies for answers.

The crew of the Stella Delar crawls out of the sewers and their enemies loom large above them. Scif, 5E, and Pons will need to know their opponent if they want to topple this tower.

As the windows shatter and the ceiling collapses all around, a deafening bellow can be heard from below. Pons, NR-5E, and Scrif have no time to rest, they're not out of the of the weeds yet.

The crew has managed to scurry away from immediate danger but they're not out of the woods yet... Quite the opposite. As they delve deeper into the sewers, the landscape only grows weirder and wilder.

As the Crew departs the Triple Church, heading through the sewers is their safest bet. This plan reeks. 

A sickly rat-man, a floating brain, and a tin-can robot, led by a pint-sized goblin. They might need to call on a higher power to make it through alive... Take me to Triple Church.

Delving deeper into the crumbling city of I.O. we find our crew entrusting their lives to a Space Goblin guide. Will their gamble pay off, or do they meet their end in a toothy grin?

Our stranded survivors venture back into the crash site of the Stella Delar. Failing systems momentarily flash into life, reflecting light off a long line of dark red liquid stretching down a blackened corridor. Who wants to go first?

Pons, Scrif and NR-5E find themselves on a unknown world soaked in light from a blue sun, but how did they come to this place? Who brought them here?

Welcome to the first episode of a brand new campaign using Paizo's amazing Starfinder tabletop system! With a homebrew story written by our own Galactic Manager. Come along with us as we Drift through a galaxy with a quadrillion stories to tell.

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